Sydney residents and visitors were today given a sneak peek of the Chinese New Year celebrations which will take over the streets of Haymarket this weekend.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance and Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast attended the launch with the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce, and wished everyone happiness and prosperity on the first day of Chinese New Year.

“We invite everyone to come to Haymarket’s Sussex, Little Hay and Dixon Streets on Saturday to be part of the free and family-friendly Haymarket Heartbeatfestival to celebrate 2019 Year of the Pig,” said Minister Constance.

“We are proud to support the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce in bringing its diverse and large community together during this very important cultural celebration and continue to support local businesses.

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“We’ll also be helping the event by closing local roads so people can enjoy the festivities on this fantastic day comfortably and safely.”

Work on the CBD and South East Light Rail around Chinatown has progressed with barriers reduced significantly on George Street between Liverpool and Goulburn streets last year. More barriers will be reduced on George Street between Hay St and Campbell streets in time for the festival.

“The contractor has worked really hard to have track installation completed at the Hay and George Street intersection, where the two light rail networks meet, in time for Chinese New Year,” Minister Constance said.


“When barriers are reduced, we enhance the space whenever we can with LED pillars and mobile parklets for people to stop and rest while they are out and about at Chinese New Year celebrations,” Ms Prendergast said.

“Major civil work is now getting final touches, with track slab complete and rail close to complete. George Street is now essentially open, except where around light rail stops building and completion of a small number of construction zones.

“Overhead wires are up along Devonshire Street and will be energised soon, before continuing up George Street and past the Chinatown stop, getting ready for light rail vehicle testing in coming months.”