Guneet Sikka aka Shweta Tiwari credits these real women who are the wind beneath her wings!

While the mindsets and sensibilities of people across the globe are changing regarding the role of women in society. Since time immemorial, women have proved their worth and stood shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in both professional and personal spheres. Women have effortlessly balanced various roles be it of a housewife, mother, sister, friend, as well managed to excel in the professional and career department. Women are known to be multi-taskers and I am glad that women are now receiving the respect and stature in society that we much deserve. It’s true when they say it takes a queen to make a queen!

Even when it comes to my characters on television, I have always believed in essaying women who have had a strong mind of their own, and who never feared voicing their opinions and concerns. As actors, we have the platform to influence young minds, who are the future of our society. I am grateful that through my work, I can help project such women on screen, who have managed to leave a positive impact on the audience. Having said that, as easy as it appears, our jobs are equally challenging and to balance a hectic profession such as acting, along with personal life is no mean feat. This International Women’s Day, here’s to every woman in my life who has been a blessing and my pillar of strength.

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My mother (Nirmala Tiwari): Ever since I’ve taken my first steps, my mother has been my support system. Every success, every heart break, every simple joy I’ve been through in life, my mother has always had my back. She was there for me on every rainy day to lift my spirits and on every special day when I came home with an award. She is the wind beneath my wings. I would like to thank my mother for believing in me.

My daughter (Palak): My daughter has been the greatest blessing for me! Ever since she was a little baby, I have, in fact, learnt something or the other from her. She is always the one who has taught me to never settle for less and want more from life. Her thirst for knowledge is commendable and I feel so proud to see her become the sensitive and wise person that she is becoming. My daughter only makes me stronger and courageous.

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My nanny (Jenisha): My nanny has been my backbone. From taking care of my son Reyansh who needs constant attention at such a young and tender age, to being present with me when I’m working, so that I don’t miss a single moment of my son’s life, my nanny has been undeniably one of my strongest support and confidantes. She has been with me through my thick and thin moments.

My hairstylist (Shimim ji): Working hand-in-hand for 22 years now, Shimim ji has been a great support for me ever since I started working. She was the one who always believed in me and made me look good, on screen and off screen too. The woman herself is a single mother and has not just been my hairstylist, she has also been there with me emotionally on every rainy when I couldn’t believe in myself.

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Guneet Sikka: I salute my character Guneet Sikka in the show Mere Dad ki Dulhan. She is one of the most positive, confident, brave women that I have played on screen. She is a go-getter who doesn’t get bogged down by challenges and truly represents the woman of today! With all that she has been through, Guneet is a head strong woman and I admire that quality about her. It’s commendable the way she takes of her mother and is the sole breadwinner in the family. Guneet has set the right example for every woman out there who should put herself before everyone and everything else. She found the courage to call of her Roka because her mother-in-law did not allow her to work after marriage and that she didn’t appreciate her mother living with them. It takes just a little bit of courage to find the right path. Even though she has been deceived in the past, she has learnt to love again, and she continues to put her faith in people because she is truly optimistic.