“Government will work towards developing frameworks and effective policies that will further enhance the cultural sector. Budgetary provisions will ensure that artists such as yourselves continue to thrive in the work that you do thus contributing to economic sustainability and empowerment.”

This was the reassurance made by the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon. Rosy Akbar while speaking at the Fiji Arts Council Entrepreneurship workshop held in Suva today.

Minister Akbar said Government will continue to collaborate with statutory bodies such as the Fiji Arts Council through the Department of Heritage and Arts to deliver key deliverables that contribute to the economic growth of the country.

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“I am adamant that cultural agencies will continue to collaborate in activities that contains sustainable programmes for the benefit of all Fijians.”

“Government provides the cultural sector with an annual grant of $133,000 to assist artists further their talent.”

She added that the cultural sector has untapped potential to create employment opportunities, reduce poverty, enhance well-being and livelihood, minimize social problems such as juvenile delinquency, and reduce disparity in earning power of our women.

“It has always been Government’s intention that its citizens regardless of race, creed or circumstances, be supported to achieve their full potential.”

“The Government had therefore adopted a strategy that “no one should be left behind” in –as far as the provision of government services to every citizen is concerned. We should progress together as a nation.”


Fiji Arts Council director Peni Cavuilagi said the FAC together with the support of the Department of Heritage and Arts is now taking an integrated approach in addressing the needs of artisans in Fiji.

“This is done through developing artistic skills at the community level through its community based crafts, development workshops, organizing exhibitions around Fiji.”

“It also provides them the platform to showcase their talents, mentoring them to reach the desired level of excellence in their final output to be able to qualify for excellence in their final output which will then enable them to qualify for the Fijian Made license and develop skills for them to become entrepreneurs.”