Geeta Kapur’s mother wants Sunny Hindustani to win Indian Idol 11

Indian Idol season 11’s most loved contestant, Sunny Hindustani has been winning hearts since his audition round. While the nation is eager to know who will be the next Indian Idol, stepping in the finale as one of the top 5 has got Sunny one step closer to the trophy! This weekend for “India Ki Farmayish” special episode, India’s Best Dancer judges Geeta Kapur and Terrence Lewis came on board to give their farmayish too!

Sunny Hindustani’s soul touching performance on “Nit Khair Manga” left the judges and guests in complete awe of his talent! Not just this, a spellbound Geeta Maa who got emotional after his performance, mentioned, “My mother is a huge fan of Indian Idol season 11. In fact she does like being disturbed when the show is going on. She is such a big fan of all the contestants, but personally she wants Sunny to win the show!”

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Further appreciating Sunny’s performance, Geeta said, “Your voice is so soulful that I automatically close my eyes and it feels so beautiful and magical every time you sing. You take the listener to another world which is like a paradise and one does not need eyes to enjoy your singing. But to see and have a face to this soothing voice is truly a privilege. I sincerely hope you reach great heights!”

Himesh while appreciating Sunny said “After today’s performance you have made me your biggest fan and as I have said I always look forward to listen to you.”

To support Sunny’s performance two special fans came to listen to his performance. Since they were visually impaired, they started their own music classes. They were overwhelmed listening to Sunny perform live and being in his presence!