Ganesh Acharya’s Welfare Project For Dancers Is Greater Than The Allegations Against Him

By Kabir M Ali

Ganesh Acharya came forward to tell his side of the story about the accusation leveled against him for underpaying the dancers. The choreographer held a press conference where he explained that its not in his hand to decide how much will the dancers get paid. Hence, he can only pay the dancers that he gets from the producers. Ganesh clarified that he has not received any official letter from Indian Film Producers Association on this matter therefore he can’t just hike the wages at his will. “I wasn’t told to pay the dancer 5,000 or 10,000. I pay the dancer according the will of Producers. I am ready to solve the matter legally if you want.” He assured the media that he has the best interest at heart of his dancers.

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“There are certain co-ordinates who force choreographer to work solely with them. The moment I was assigned the post of general secretary this first thing I did was that I passed a resolution to not work with such coordinators who threaten and force Choreographers to work only with them”

Ganesh Acharya will be working on a show this December with 25 Bollywood actors and all the revenue generated from the show will be for the welfare of dancers.