FRA Concerned With Household Waste on Roadside

The Fiji Roads Authority is concerned with overgrown vegetation, and household waste on the roadside. FRA General Manager Network Operations and Maintenance Aram Goes says they are requesting with members of the public not to plant crops and store personal items such as building materials on the road reserve as they will not take any liability if the crops or property are damaged during mowing or roadside drainage clearing activities.

In addition, he said the drains on the road reserve are often overgrown and is frequently covered n household rubbish, which not only causes pollution but it also creates extra work for the contractors. He stresses that the FRA does not encourage residents undertaking planting on the road reserves due to a number of safety reasons.

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Goes says paintings in the road reserve can restrict visibility in corners on rural roads increasing risk of vehicle collisions and in urban areas can prevent drivers from seeing pedestrians crossing from the roadside.

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