Fox Star Studios and Raj Kumar Gupta join hands for India’s Most Wanted

Fox Star Studios and Raj Kumar Gupta have signed Arjun Kapoor for India’s Most Wanted, a story inspired by true events and is about the capture of India’s most wanted without firing a bullet. The film is slated to release on 24th May 2019 and will go on floors in August 2018.

“I have been working on the script of India’s Most Wanted for past three years. It’s an inspiring story that has touched and moved me. I am looking forward to my collaboration with Fox Star Studios and Arjun Kapoor on this film. Arjun is a sincere and hard working actor and suited the character,” says the Rajkumar Gupta, whose previous film Raid starring Ajay Devgn was a blockbuster.

Arjun Kapoor says, “Working with Raj Kumar sir obviously excited me. His films are raw, gritty, they talk about true events, true heroes. When he narrated India’s Most Wanted to me I was moved, I was proud of my motherland and its unsung heroes. It is a film that will inspire patriotism within all of us. To play a character that might not be known to everybody but needs to be known by everybody was exciting. It’s always been something that has been at the back of mind. To play a character straight out of a real life incident and that it was not just a biopic – that’s where I think India’s Most Wanted really appealed to me. It’s actually an event that transpired very recently but not a lot of people know much details about it. It intrigues me as an actor to play this role but it excites me as an audience that I will be getting a chance to see this story unfold on the big screen.”

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Arjun is fascinated with Raj Kumar’s brand of film-making and is also extremely fond of him given their history. He says, “I think Raj Kumar sir is one of my most favourite people and directors. He was the first director who called me after watching Ishaqzaade. He is the first person who called me to his office and said I am looking forward to working with you soon. He has done Aamir, No one killed Jessica and now Raid and there is no one else who could have taken up the subject of India’s Most Wanted and done a film with it.

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He adds, “I am completely sold by the fact that I am going to be working with a director who knows his craft in this sort of a gritty, real film and that’s very important in the story telling. In a true event film, you need to make sure you balance out the commerce and the realism, the grit and the glamour, the emotion as well as the honesty of the characters. So, he is the perfect director for this material. He is raring to go after Raid and I am fully charged to work with him.”

“Raj Kumar has excelled in telling stories based on true events. And India’s Most Wanted is a film straight out of the headlines. He brings us an amazing story told in his special style once again. We’re extremely happy to have Arjun Kapoor play the lead in this extraordinary story that needs to be told.”says Rucha Pathak, Chief Creative Officer, Fox Star Studios