‘For Me Bold Is Different’

Debutant actress Sayami Kher is the granddaughter of yesteryear actress Usha Kiran and the niece of Tanvi Azmi. Our Bollywood guide ‘G9 Divya Solgama’ speaks to her about her first Hindi film ‘Mirzya’ & much more

fiji-saiSaiyami, kindly walk us through the whole preparation phase of yours for the movie ‘Mirzya’?

Saiyami Kher –I have done a south film before this, so for me that movie was like a rehearsal ground. Facing the camera out here for ‘Mirzya’ was very comforting. We did some mock shoot with almost all people associated with the film, so there was no discomfort level when we started the actual shoot. While shooting we felt that we are doing a bigger rehearsal with good cloth and setup. I am very fortunate as Rakesh sir is a filmmaker who doesn’t want to hold his knowledge and not give it. If you want to learn he will make you complete part of it. I love music so I used to sit in the music sessions. Also, I wanted to lean the camera work as eventually it will help me enhance as an actor. In fact in few portions I was assisting him and he always taught me every minute detail. Rakesh sir believes in a lot of prep, that’s his style. I auditioned for six months for this film and later gave more than a year for prep. There was the physical aspect of prep as sir wanted me to physically transform and be bit muscular for the Sahiban track. You generally see a princess female being pretty, but Rakesh sir wanted me to be like a warrior princess. So I started doing weight training and all other necessities. Emotionally,it was also very draining as the movie was very demanding.

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Saiyami, would we see you doing only performance based films like ‘Mirzya’ or you are also open to the mass-level commercial films?

SaiyamiKher –In between, the whole promotion I had one of the best moments of my life. I went to meet the legendary actress WaheedaRehmanJi. I am a big fan of hers and everything of mine is old school. She told me that I am so jealous of you all as in our days we had few stereotype roles and now the younger actors are getting a variety of roles to portray. I wish I was younger just now so could have done more type of films. I instantly replied that even I wish you were younger just now as we want to see you on screen.

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Saiyami, you are debuting along with Harshvardhan Kapoor. So do you think this might be a disadvantage for you as the main limelight or the focus will be on him as he is superstar Anil Kapoor’s son?

SaiyamiKher – The most important thing is for me is the director and the script. So if the director feels that I take the part and the male actor has to me Amitabh Bachchan or a new actor, I just blindly follow the director’s choice.

Saiyami, which actors from our film industry inspires you the most?

SaiyamiKher – I am a big fan of Waheeda Rehman and Tabu. From the current lot I think Alia is phenomenal. From the male actors I am completely smitten by Mr. Bachchan. I have been on the set of ‘Aarakshan’, where my aunt was working. The interaction with him was something memorable. He also believes in sharing knowledge. From the younger lot among the male actors I love the work of Ranbir Kapoor. He is someone who is extremely effortless and extremely good on screen.

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Saiyami, if a script demands for some erotic scenes, would you be comfortable doing them or will be skeptical about it?

SaiyamiKher – My term for bold is different. A film like ‘Guide’ in its time was very bold. For me, all this skin shows or kissing is not bold. We make such a big deal of these petty things as out cinema has evolved a lot. If a script is such then in that case, these things are just like other scenes and I don’t mind doing it.

Saiyami, what’s your take on the actors association with social media?

SaiyamiKher –Social media has become a monster. I shouldn’t be saying this, but that’s the truth. But it’s become so important and is ironical. I have learnt a lot from Mr. Bachchan, who is 74 years old and is the best on social media. Mr. Bachchan can hands down beat anyone who is 25 years old. He has changed with the time and he knows that he has an audience of my own and I can reach out to them directly. So as the technology has evolved, social media is a necessity.

[Source – Bollywood Times]