Foodlink serves multi-cuisine menu at Richa Chadda & Ali Fazal’s wedding reception in Mumbai

Foodlink catering, known for their luxurious and high-profile catering experiences, were given the mandate to curate the F&B experience for the Mumbai wedding reception of Bollywood A-listers Richa Chadda and Ali Fazal.

The wedding reception and the food arrangements were designed keeping in mind the fact that the couple wanted an eco-friendly wedding celebration with minimum damage to the environment. The eclectic spread was carefully curated keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the bride and the groom and also the profile of the people attending the event. The menu had something to tickle every taste bud, be it Indian or international cuisine. From Agra ki Chaat, Gourmet Kulchas, and South India Korma to Burrito Bowls, customized pizzas to Thai, Italian, and street food from Hongkong.

On another successful celebrity wedding, Sanjay Vazirani – CEO of Foodlink shared “I am glad to see the growing environmental consciousness of couples & families to opt for green weddings. Celebrities enjoy a lot of influence which naturally comes with social responsibility and I applaud Richa & Ali for the thought of having an environmentally friendly wedding celebration. It’s been a growing trend and at Foodlink we ensure that the smallest of the things was planned in a sustainable manner with minimal wastage.”

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“There are multiple initiatives we have put in practice. We collaborate with an NGO that works for women welfare and economic upliftment. They are given vocational training to create beautifully handcrafted leaf DONAS for chaats and we actively use their products.

We used especially designed plates and bowls to serve food in mono portions. These are beautifully plated, thus are fancy as well as prevent food wastage. To refrain from using plastic bottles, the water was provided in fruit-infused glass canisters with lids across the venue. All food supplied to the support personnel, crew, and media was served in recyclable materials. The menu was curated keeping in mind wholesomeness & nutrition. We mostly had dishes that were baked, steamed, stir-fried or mildly spiced. The highlight was kulfi laced with Richa’s favourite Baileys Irish Cream, that was mixed into the unique home-made Kulfi.”

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With minimalistic and tasteful décor, the whole place had a very warm feeling. The occasion was heartfelt, the decor was minimal and the expectations were met.

The newly wedded couple, Richa & Ali Fazal quoted that “We are so happy that we had Foodlink to curate the F&B experience at our Mumbai reception. The team beautifully translated our thoughts on having an environmentally friendly, plastic-free, sustainable wedding. The arrangements were excellent and very smart measures were taken to ensure minimal food wastage without impacting the experience quotient.”

Sharing his experience, the wedding planner Zashank Bhatia from Tailor Made Experiences quoted that “Foodlink is the leader when it comes to catering for large events and we are happy that we chose them to cater for Richa-Ali Wedding. It was a very special project for us. The Foodlink team ensured that each and every detail was taken care of. The guests enjoyed the innovative dishes on the menu. It is always a delight to work with Foodlink and we are looking at doing a lot more projects together in this season.”

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Being a Delhiite, Richa was keen on serving some of her favourite Delhi chaats to all the guests. Foodlink came up with some amazing innovations which we all thoroughly enjoyed by all.