Follow the rules to keep pedestrians safe

Road users are reminded to play their part keeping pedestrians safe and drive down the road toll for Road Rules Awareness Week. Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said one of the top ten misunderstood road rules is that drivers turning into an intersection have to give way to pedestrians crossing the road.

“All road users – including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists – have a responsibility to observe the road rules for the safety of everyone using the road network,” Ms Pavey said.

pedestrians-walk“Pedestrian fatalities are continuing to rise. In 2016, 74 pedestrians- 19 per cent of the total road toll – were tragically killed on NSW roads, upfrom 61 in 2015. “Figures show a pedestrian struck by a vehicle travelling at 40 km/h has a 25 per cent risk of death, compared to an 85 per cent chance if struck at 60 km/h.


Ms Pavey said the NSW Government has committed more than $5 million for road safety programs across the state and $10 million for pedestrian safety work, including additional lights at high risk location.

“We have a set of rules to protect children in the 10,000 school zones across the state and in the past three years we have had zero child fatalities in these zones,” Ms Pavey said. “During 2016-17 a program is being rolled out to improve pedestrian safety at signalised crossings. More than 200 intersections have been changed to give the pedestrian the green first to protect them from turning vehicles.

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