The Department of Immigration today undertook their first local registration on its new mobile e-passport system.

The Department registered Ratu Drugucava Manoa Bosevakaturaga, who is currently admitted at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital and is scheduled to undertake further medical treatment in New Zealand.

Through the assistance of the Department, Ratu Drugucava was able to register his biometrics for his e-passport application at the CWM Hospital.

The Department has three mobile e-passport systems, one of which was launched in Australia last year to assist Fijians with their passport applications. The remaining two is with the Department of Immigration.

Ratu Drugucava’s mother, Mrs Salanieta Adilele could not contain her excitement when the Immigration officials visited her son in hospital today for the registration.

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“The Department has saved us the extra cost of running around for my son’s passport. He is due for further medical treatment overseas and we have been trying our very best to finalise his travel arrangements but today we are very grateful to the Immigration staff for coming to register our son in the hospital,” she said.

“This initiative has indeed saved us the time and energy of going down to the Immigration Office in the city. We thank the Department for their indulgence over our situation. Thank you very much to the Government and the Department of Immigration for this great assistance.”

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The introduction of the mobile kits was primarily to accommodate persons with disabilities or for cases such as that of Ratu Drugucava.

The mobile system is part of the Department of Immigration’s e-Passport Project and government’s digital transformation initiative. To date, the Department has issued 34,000 e-passports since its rollout in September 2019.