RELEASE DATE: 24th November 2017
STARRING: Kapil Sharma
LANGUAGE: Hindi (With English Subtitles)
PRODUCER: Kapil Sharma
DIRECTOR: Rajiev Dhingra
SYNOPSIS: This is the story of Manga, a sweet boy who lived in his own little bubble. He believed that the British who ruled India were not bad people and happily worked for them. Manga soon became popular among them because of his magical feet. Trouble brews when the people of his village disapprove of his closeness with them and thus refer to him as ‘firangi’ (a foreigner). The ruler of Indian television comedy, Kapil Sharma is all set to make his debut in Firangi. A period Punjabi film set in the pre – independence era of India, this film is sure to make you laugh, cry and go home with big smiles!

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