The Fijian Government recognizes the importance of the transport sector contributing about 8% towards Fiji’s GDP, enabling development, linking people, connecting local communities to the world, building markets and facilitating trade.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management & Meteorological Services, Hon. Jone Usamate while opening the National Transport Consultative Forum Bi – Sector Program today at De Vos on the Park in Suva.

Minister Usamate said government has very clearly set the priorities and the direction that Fijians must take in addressing the blue and green economies.

“In this way, and as important stakeholders of the transport industry, we must be proactive in identifying and build core areas where infrastructure must be uplifted to set the stage for our nation’s development,” Minister Usamate said.

“Fiji’s Transport Industry has grown, matured in the past years and plays a vital role in Fiji’s economic and social development and is relatively developed when compared to other developing countries with similar geographical size.

He also said the Biannual Consultative Forum would allow a chance to revisit the national performance and discuss the best ways to bring changes that will create opportunities for all Fijians while nurturing and sustaining Fiji’s pristine environment. “This will be done through your contributions to the 31 National Communiques devised in 2018/2019,”he said.

The objective of the consultation is to bring together all relevant stakeholders in the transport industry and dialogue on issues that needs to be addressed in order to ensure that the transport industry remains the enabler for economic growth.

The forum included participants from the Land Transport Authority, Fiji Police Force and Fiji Meteorology Office amongst others.