Fiji’s Embassy in Brussels has been commended for the role that they play in strengthening Fiji’s multilateral and bilateral relations in Europe, especially in the areas of trade, agriculture, political development and climate change.

At a briefing yesterday to the newly appointed Fiji’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Inia Seruiratu, Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the European Union (EU) in Brussels, Ambassador Deo Saran said that the Mission’s role was diverse and vast in terms of accreditation. In welcoming the Minister Seruiratu to Brussels and to the Fiji Embassy, Ambassador Saran said that the Embassy is one of Fiji’s unique Mission in the sense that it carries out both multilateral and bilateral work.

“The Mission is accredited to more than 11 European countries and 14 international organisations that operate in the field of trade, political development, peace and security, agriculture, climate, culture and education, and tourism”, Ambassador Saran said.

In his brief to Fiji’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Saran said the Mission’s strategic priorities included the consultations and negotiations on Post-2020 relations between the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union. It is also to strengthen bilateral ties with EU countries of accreditation focusing on investments, tourism, climate change and oceans diplomacy, strengthen multilateral corporation with United Nations and international agencies.

Following yesterday’s briefing, Minister Seruiratu reminded the Embassy on the important role it plays in boosting opportunities for Fiji’s development sector, particularly in agriculture and trade. He also congratulated the Mission staff for their commitment and dedication to driving Fiji’s agenda in Europe.

Minister Seruiratu is leading a delegation to the 2019 ACP Council of Ministers which is taking place in Brussels. Earlier in the week, he led Fiji’s delegation to the 4th High-Level Political Dialogue between Fiji and the European Union.