Fiji’s High Commission in London through its collaboration with Tourism Fiji had coordinated an event to signify the importance of the International Day of Happiness, at Fiji’s Mission in United Kingdom, earlier this week. The event coincided with the launch of Tourism Fiji’s new initiative, ‘Bulanaires List,” which ties in with the brand ethos “where happiness finds you” and focuses on what sets Fiji apart from other destinations, its people.

Speaking at the event, Fiji’s High Commissioner to United Kingdom, Mr Jitoko Tikolevu highlighted the importance of Tourism as being the key foundation for Fiji’s economic growth and he also commended the unwavering support and commitment provided by the tourism stakeholders that has yielded unprecedented success for Fiji’s tourism sector.

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In doing so, he further challenged the stakeholders to be innovative and to be adaptive to the ever-changing dynamics of this significant sector.

It was highlighted that the launching of ‘Bulanaires List,” is timely given that March 20th marks the International Day of Happiness and this year’s theme; ‘Happier Together’; emphasizes that working in unity promotes prosperity and opportunities for development. The program was attended by the travel agents and tourism marketing companies and members of Fiji’s Diaspora community.

The United Kingdom’s Tourism Fiji Regional Manager, Ms. Jane West, also had the opportunity to speak on the status of Fiji’s Tourism industry and its significance to Fiji’s development.

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In December last year, the Tourism Fiji announced a revitalised global brand campaign which essentially goes beyond just relaxation, by highlighting Fiji’s “Bula” spirit” and emphasises the range of experiences that are offered throughout Fiji’s 333 islands. The outcome illustrated the extraordinary emotive connection that Fijian people make with visitors. From the incredible singing to the addictive “bula!” of locals that greets them throughout the islands.

In the 2017 annual Gallup International Survey on Happiness, Hope and Economic Optimism found that identified that people in Fiji were the happiest in the world. It was on this basis that the concept of Bulanaire was formed, and a list to celebrate the “Bula Spirit” was subsequently developed.