‘Bland & Cold…’

“Movie Review by G( Diva Solgama”
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The suspense films in our Hindi cinema originated with mostly who-done-it type of films. As per passing time this genre started exploring its sub-genres including physiological thrillers. Despite of the latter being a tough genre we did witness some good films like ‘Error 404’ or recently released film ‘Phobia’. The latest to join this genre is ‘Fever’ starring Rajeev Khandelwal who is known for his association with small films, which eventually turned out to be surprisingly good films. So let’s find out whether ‘Fever’ will also be yet another small film on the lines of Rajeev’s earlier films like ‘Aamir’, ‘Shaitan’ and ‘Table No.21’ or might be one more half-baked product with a one liner concept.

fiji-fever‘Fever’ is a story of Armin (Rajeev Khandelwal) who loses his memory in a car accident in the valleys of Switzerland. Except for his name, he does not remember anything. At that time he met a fellow tourist Kavya (Gauahar Khan) and feels like knowing her. After knowing Armin’s condition, Kavya tries to help him to regain his identity. Armin keeps getting flashes of his past followed by some hallucinating visions, due to which he is not able to understand the real picture. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

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The one liner story is interesting, but has been shown in many films. It’s nothing new or exceptional. In such movies the screenplay has to be gripping and intriguing. Sadly, in this movie is slow, boring, dragging and lethargic. Every movement happens on a snail pace and has loads of repetitive scenes and situation. The writers try their best to make the story complicated, but at the end of the day they fail miserably. The first half takes its full time to establish the plot. The story comes back on its track for a while post interval, but again goes into forced complicated mode. The finale is predictable and not up to the mark. The reasons shown in the film for the arguments and murders are silly. The camera work is of top notch and all the locations of Switzerland and Paris are outstanding. If only the screenplay would have been a bit better the end results would have been totally positive.

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There are many songs in this film and none of them does justice to the flow of the film. On an individual basis, ‘KharaaKhaara’ and couple of more songs are melodious with good visuals attached to it.

Director Rajeev Jhaveri makes a decent film with good locations, actors and basic one liner story idea. Sadly, the screenplay and story narration lets him down due to which the movie ends up as a super stretched film. Despite of the predictable and lame climax, the director still manages to keep you involved in this lethargic film due to the curiosity factor.

Rajeev Khandelwal looks great and does his part with ease. Though, films like ‘Fever’ are way below his potential and should focus more on doing films which enhances his acting skills. Gauahar Khan adds the glamour value and lends good support. Gemma Atkinson and Victor Banerjee are wasted.

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So on an overall basis ‘Fever’ is visually good with some melodious songs and decent acting. But films don’t work on these factors as it needs a proper script and screenplay. Sadly, out here, it’s bland and cold.

Rating – 1/5