Fans reach out to Hina Khan to narrate their own stories of cyberstalking

Ever since the trailer of Hacked dropped online, the actress Hina Khan has been bombarded with messages from people from different quarters sharing with her their stories of cyber harassment and privacy breach. Some of them are small and some are as grievous as the one depicted in the film. There are small instances of trolling which people have told her in messages but some have sent her detailed DMs narrating a few horror stories. Hina is talking to a lot of these women who have suffered the torment. The actress and her team are personally reaching to a lot of these to talk to them and hoping that they speak about their stories publicly so as to ward off the taboo around not speaking about cyberbullying. Though reports suggest that cyberstalking has been on the rise in times of social media which makes it accessible for people to stalk others, Hina wants to bring about a positive change here. She is encouraging more people to talk about it so as to perpetuate fear in the minds of stalkers. Because cyberstalking is not recognized as a brutal crime, the actress wants to create awareness by triggering off a discussion.

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She tells us, “I was appalled to hear the stories people are telling me. I had been unaware of the magnanimous nature of these crimes and how rampantly people face it. It has been eye-opening for both Vikram and I. I am glad that we did this film so that people gather the courage to fight their stalkers. The first step is always learning about crime and talking about it. Some survivors have bravely fought off their perpetrators and I am enamored by their courage.”