Home Entertainment Fans make merry while the hater troll gangs runs amok

Fans make merry while the hater troll gangs runs amok

By Divya Solgama

Meanwhile brilliant mash up edits have been made which would certainly make Beyoncé proud. This is the true reply by fans to all the hate-mongers who have been working hard to make the song viral and apologising to the dancing queen.

What is surprising is that the haters have failed to notice some interesting features about the dance and focused all their attention to the lyrics wherein a lover is professing that his partner is the best and her moves could be compared to the best in the business. This is just an analogy and period.

If we have to read between the lines then there are more than 15 dance forms that have been infused in this racy number and both the youngsters have tried to match up to it if not ace it.

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The funky song is currently trending in all streaming platforms and is on its way to become a sensational hit. A sure shot party anthem in the making once we unlock ourselves in the new world post this pandemic era.