Families on remote Fiji island still seek basic help

A health worker on Fiji’s Koro Island says some families need basic clothing and food items and they have been desperate since the waves of international aid have stopped. Kelera Takalaigau is a health worker in Nacamaki village where 22 households are still relying on one tap and carting water. The island was decimated by Cyclone Winston and building materials are only starting to arrive in strong supply. Kelera said women need basic items such as sanitary pads and some families simply can’t afford to buy them as there’s no income due to the lack of crops. “Rice, flour, sugar, laundry soap, like that. There’s a store here, the only problem is we don’t have money to buy. It’s very tough we don’t have much money.” Kelera’s husband Kemeli is a farmer who said apart from some short-term pumpkin crop, they are waiting until Christmas when the taro crop will be ripe.