Falaq Naaz embraces “Kohl” as her preeminent beauty cosmetic

Every woman embraces at least one product as their signature cosmetic, it could be a shade of lipstick, obsession with lip balms or a highlighter. When it comes to actors, it is evident to fathom their style as you often see them on screen or in pictures with that one common flair. There we realized Falaq’s adoration towards Kohl, Liners and those dreamy pictures of her eyes half-shut gushing those pink cheeks. She looks mesmerizing in the pictures where she just blushes with those kohl smokey or shimmery eyes. Falaq’s eyeliner is always on fleak, she adores deep tones and pink blushes for that fresh look.

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Falaq has a bunch of eye makeup videos that will inspire you to replicate her style. Being a prominent Television Face, she is often seen in those majestic outfits and a plethora of jewels whereas her Instagram narrates a different story altogether. Falaq looks completely different in the casual outfits, but those dreamy eyes say it all. Her eyes are the ultimate statement of her flair.

Here are some pictures from her impeccable looks and those whimsical eyes