By Kabir M Ali

“Ms Parul Chawla”, MD of Picture N Kraft carves her name on the trophy of “Business Excellency Award” at FMBAF Season 2- 2019 Global Excellency Award – Film-Media- Business- Academy- Fashion

Whether it is her extraordinary body of work or expanding the role of women within the entertainment industry, Parul Chawla is an inspiration to all. “Business Excellency Award” exhibits her spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and excellence.

With an eye on new vistas of opportunities, Parul Chawla has always given a special focus on emerging companies. As a master strategist and consultant, Parul has remained a friend, philosopher and guide to several top management head honchos and is often seen rubbing shoulders with the rich and the famous at high profile events or elite venues. With her 360-degree perspective, Parul brings an astute understanding and matches it with her out of the box thinking for clients and customers. She has a socially responsible facet and is often seen espousing causes and public affairs initiatives.

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“While challenges before an industry leader are many, for women some of these challenges are even more complex. Apart from managing a company, a woman plays many other roles. I am sure every women sitting her must have gone through her own share of battles”