Ethnic Media Meet was organized by the Subcontinent Friends of Labor team on 14 March 2018 at NSW Parliament house. The meet was organized to thank the hard work and support provided by the ethnic media to the communities in NSW. A well attended gathering included ethnic media journalists, media owners and a strong contingent of Members of both house of NSW parliament.

In the opening remarks Amarinder Bajwa, secretary of SFOL welcomed the guests and highlighted the strong influence of ethnic media in Australian multicultural society and the strong contribution of members of Subcontinent Friends of Labor.

Mr Hassan Kureshi President of SFOL addressed the gathering and outlined the future engagement of subcontinent communities. He reiterated the fact to provide more political representation to the people of subcontinent descent. Mr Ejaz Khan, Vice President SFOL introduced the Guest speakers Hon Michael Daley, who praised the contribution and support of the group. Michael is slated to be the Deputy Premier of the NSW state if Labor wins the next elections in the state.


Mrs Aruna Chandrala, Vice President SFOL introduced Hon Dr Hugh McDermott MP. Dr Hugh applauded the support provided by the group during the elections and strongly supported the work done by the individuals in the group. MsDevanshi Panchal introduced the General Secretary Ms Kaila Murnain of ALP NSW and applauded her role in achieving the 50% women participation in NSW ALP. Ms Kaila Murnain in her address, thanked the Ethnic Media, members of Subcontinent Friends of Labor for their tireless support to party activities and their approach to engage the communities in the political processes.

Ms Kaila Murnainapprised the audience of upcoming elections, Labor policies on inclusion and supporting members of Subcontinent Friends of Labor. SFOL invited Mr Pawan Luthra to address the gathering on the importance and role of Ethnic Media in Australian multicultural society. Pawan provided the insight on the importance of the media in the communities and how his paper is meeting the challenges of providing support to the communities as well as raising the questions to address the burning issues between India, Australia, politics, sports and entertainment.


CouncillorDr Moninder Singh delivered the vote of thanks to the media and members. Other members that attended the event includesCouncillor Masood Chowdhary, Hon Julia Finn MP, Hon Edmond Attalla MP, Hon Jenny Aitchson MP, Hon Jihad Dib MP, Hon Anoulack CHANTHIVONG MP, Hon Eric Wong MLC, Hon John Graham MLC, Hon Liesl Tesch MP, Hon Trish Doyle MP, Hon Jodi Mckay MP and Hon Prue Carr MP, Hon Ed HusicMP,Hon Guy Zangari MP.