Home Entertainment Esha Gupta champions the cause of water conservation!

Esha Gupta champions the cause of water conservation!

Known for lending her support to several charitable causes, including animal welfare and women safety, Esha Gupta has now decided to support causes related to environment. It’s learnt that Esha has now been approached for a campaign on creating awareness about saving water as a resource.

Talking about the new campaign that Esha has been associated, she informs, “The campaign focuses on conserving water on a daily basis. People living in the rural regions spend at least four to six hours to fetch water. For the people who enjoy better amenities, water is available at the turn of the tap. But soon enough if we don’t start saving water, we will never be able to give our attention to anything else. We are concentrating on creating funds for the same.”

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“Through this campaign, my aim is to mobilise the youth and make them the mouthpieces of our objective. I have been associating with water conservation NGOs in the country. We are working together to figure out the best possible ways to spread the word and come up with innovative campaigns that would resonate with the youth of rural India. In fact, when I went to Delhi to visit my parents lately, they told me that there have been incidents of water shortage in my society. Soon enough, my friends there complained about the same problem. It has been a recurring concern across the capital. If a metro city that has all the amenities is suffering a water cut, just imagine the plight of those in the remote corners of the country,” she adds.