Minister for Education Hon. Rosy Sofia Akbar today urged parents to ensure their children have a balanced lifestyle with the opportunity to daily exercises.

Speaking at the Western Council of Special and Inclusive Educators (WESTCOSIE) annual sports and fun day at Lautoka’s Churchill Park today.

“Playing sports at any level can be a key part of the school experience and have an immense and lasting impact on a student’s life. Among its many benefits, participation in extracurricular athletic activities promotes socialization, the development of leadership skills, focus, and, of course, physical fitness,” she said.

“Students with disabilities are no different – like their peers without disabilities, these students benefit from participating in different sports and fun games. But unfortunately, we know that students with disabilities are all too often denied the chance to participate and with it, the respect that comes with inclusion.”

The theme for the WESTCOSIE Annual Fun and Sports Day is “Don’t Dis My Ability, This Is Me”.