Employers warned about OHS standards

Employment Minister Jone Usamate says those who create the risks in the workplace and those who work with them have the primary responsibility to solve those risks.

His comments come after 278 complaints in relation to Occupational, Health and Safety standards not being followed was received from 2012 to 2016 by the Ministry of Employment.

He says employers should resolve workplace OHS issues through their workplace hierarchy and OHS committees first and bring it to the Ministry as a last resort.

Usamate says if this is done the number of workplace OHS complaints reported to the Ministry is expected to reduce much further.

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He has also warned that the Ministry will continue to carry out proactive audit of the workplace OHS management systems to ensure the implementation of the OHS Act and workplace.

Usamate says employers should make sure that OHS representatives are trained.

Only 455 workplaces have received training on Occupational, Health and Safety standards since 2012.

News & Photo Credit: fijivillage.com