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Little Baby Movie Review by Divya Solgama

( Priyanshu Chatterjee, Gulnaz Siganporia)

Right since the inception of our Indian cinema, filmmakers have been making movies based on the father & daughter relationship. Films such as Andaz, Daddy, Piku, Dangal, Babul, Aisi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hain and many more have managed to establish the bonding in various times. With changing times, one does witness the priorities and environments around them. ‘Little Baby’ starring Priyanshu Chatterjee is one such father-daughter bonding film based in today’s tech-age times. So, let’s find out whether ‘Little Baby’ will manage to give us one more good film adding to this niche list or might end up being among those films where there’s nothing else other than the unique one line concept.

‘Little Baby’ is a story set in Dehradun. SSP Dushyant Singh (Priyanshu Chatterjee) is over obsessed with his work and is always faithful to his police duty. This has added bitterness between him and his wife along with his teenage daughter Sasha (Gulnaz Siganporia). Shasha has become a rebel inside her own house and does not care for her father. Dushyant Singh goes under a depression and Shasha has to take care of his father. What happens next is what the entire film all about.

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The story concept is different and relevant in today’s times. The addiction of mobile and forced rebellious attitude among the teen ages has been portrayed in right manner. The agony of father who, once was hero for his daughter and now has tough time ti even converse with her has been nearly displayed in the movie. There are some good scenes such as Priyanshu remembering childhood days of Gulnaz, Priyanshu trying to communicate with Gulnaz, the bonding between Priyanshu and Gulnaz, Gulnaz taking care if Priyanshu and few more. Wish the film makers had added more such scenes between the father and daughter. Sadly, they decided to venture into the side tracks such as friends of Gulnaz or Priyanshu’s dreaded past and few more. These side tracks badly dilute the flow of the film. They fail to appeal and are badly presented in the movie. There is no soul in these scenes, especially the entire track dealing with Gulnaz friends and obsessed lovers. The actors involved in these scenes hams to the fullest and lacked the abilities to act. Some dialogues are heart touching. Cinematography is not up to the mark.

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There are few songs but none of them manage to stay back with you. Background music in some scenes is appealing.

The director Shekhar Jha narrates a tale which is highly relevant in today’s times. He succeeds in capturing the tiff and bonding between the father and daughter. Sadly, the weak screenplay and shoddily shot side tracks overshadows everything.

Priyanshu Chatterjee is good in his part and adds the intensity required for his character. Debutante actress Gulnaz might look bit loud in some scenes but manages to deliver some good scenes with Priyanshu Chatterjee. Every other actor in this movie hams to the fullest.

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So on an overall basis, ‘Little Baby’ has a good message attached to it and displays a new side to father and daughter relationship. Sadly, the negative points scores high over the positive ones and restricts the movie. Nevertheless, parents of teenagers will connect to this movie, while others might struggle a bit.

Ratings – 2.5-3/5