Eijaz Khan to don two distinct looks in Tara From Satara

Bringing life to the characters, it is important for actors to get out of their comfort zone and look different. Experimenting with looks is a very important part of an actor’s job, and the versatile Eijaz Khan, who will be seen on Indian television after two long years, will be doing just that as he joins the cast of Sony Entertainment Television’s popular dramality show Tara from Satara.

Seen as the suave and handsome choreographer Shatrughan Mehra, Eijaz will be seen as a polished and established individual taking joining the judges panel of Dancer No 1 – reality dance show. However, he has also shot for flashback sequences where his look will tell a different tale of hard work and rising from the ashes!

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Turns out, Shatru has a past with Sachin Mane, Tara’s father and will unfold further on in the show.

Eijaz said, “I have experimented with my looks before also but a Tapori look is something which is new for me. My role in the show starts with a flashback and during that, I would be seen as a carefree young individual who has big dreams of making his career in Mumbai and this look of mine was best suited for the nature of the character. Later, as the show moves forward, viewers will see me as the judge of Dancer No. 1 and that part will again have a unique style.”