Heads of Departments (HODs) of various Government Ministries and organisations met with Commissioner Eastern Division Mr. Vitale Varo this week to review their achievements in the last financial year and plan the way forward for the 2020/2021 financial year.

In addressing the meeting, Mr. Varo commended the HODs for the Division’s achievements in the last financial year and reminded them about the need to strengthen the Integrated Rural Development (IRD) Framework.

“From the beginning of the financial year, I have been stressing about the need to strengthen the IRD Framework, and that will be one of our focuses this financial year,” Mr. Varo said.

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The IRD policy aims to enhance the coordination and cooperation needed between Ministries and stakeholders to deal with demand on a holistic approach and minimise on wastage of scarce resources and technical expertise, among others.

“Coordination is one of the important things we need to be doing in terms of the services that we provide. We need to better utilise and maximize the resources that we have together as Government service providers.”

Mr. Varo said the focus in this financial year would be to also address some of the issues raised in recent talanoa sessions and strengthen Government’s service delivery to Fijians in remote rural and maritime communities in the Eastern Division.

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Mr. Varo also expressed concerns about the drug issue in maritime islands in the Division, saying his Office would be working closely with all relevant authorities to help address the issue.

“We also invited the Fiji Police Director Policing to come in and talk about the drug dilemma that we are facing in the Eastern Division, with special focuss on Kadavu. We discussed how well we can coordinate and formulate a good model to curb drug cultivations in Kadavu.”