Double Delight For Movie Buffs


Photos by Kabir M Ali

Sequels have been the current rage in Bollywood. The announcement of the film “Nayee Padosan 2” which created history a decade back is set to create history yet again. Written & Directed by Ikram Akhtar who had written the blockbuster Nayee Padosan back in 2003 has also penned the upcoming “Nayee Padosan 2” with an all new story line & essence. Creating powerful impact with his writing, he has also written blockbusters like-KunwaraBaabarrRafoo ChakkarBaaghiPyaar To Hona Hi ThaChal Mere Bhai,Joru Ka GhulamNo ProblemThank you & Ready.2.  Aslak Khan, Ikram Akhtar (Writer), Ishika Taneja (Actress in Lead Role), Iqbal Ali (Producer)  Mohamed Umar during the announcement of the film Nayee Padosan 2   DSC_1036

The announcement of the film amidst the presence of the entire cast and crew of the film, the announcement was nothing less than a grand evening which had not just the announcement of the film but also a couple of other essential announcements.

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4.  Ikram Akhtar (Writer), Ishika Taneja (Actress in Lead Role),  DSC_1064Writer & Directed, Ikram Akhtar says “Nayee Padosan 2 is completely different from Nayee Padosan made back in 2003. Nayee Padosan 2 will be made keeping the current nuances of Bollywood and audience in consideration. The story line, essence and star cast are totally different. The team is looking forward to commence the shoot”


Post the announcement of the film “Nayee Padosan 2”, the evening saw the trailer launch of the film “I Love Dubai”. Ikram Akhtar, writer of the film mentions, “The audiences will get a little glimpse of the film from the trailer which will surely lead to an increase in the excitement surrounding its official launch.  The story is unique which will generate curiosity among the audience to watch the film. Looking forward to the reactions from the audience”