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Both TV and films are strong mediums : Diljit Dosanjh

We all know Diljit Dosanjh is a singing sensation, a celebrated name in the Punjabi film industry who has also won over Bollywood viewers with his roles in films like “Udta Punjab” and “Phillauri”. This dashing handsome Sardar has taken the television industry by storm as he is back on small screen judging the LIVE singing reality show Rising Star season 2 on COLORS. In an interview with the Fiji Times, he updates  about the show and more…

What brings you back on Rising Star?

As for what attracted  me to Rising Star, it is undoubtedly the live format. I was offered many shows after this, but I did not take up any as I did not  find them interesting. It involved shooting for the entire day which, I feel, would get boring. This series, on the other hand, doesn’t bore me, as I shoot for it for only an hour or two every weekend

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Though you are on the jury, you are more like a mentor, as the viewers decide everything with their votes. Don’t you feel it would be better if you take a call on it?

On the contrary, I find this better. One does not  have any burden or responsibility of taking a decision. Some people do not  like it when they are told they cannot make it to the next level. And frankly at the end of the day, however much you like a song or film you have done, it’s the audience who decides its fate. So these singers get that training at this stage only, which is good.

So do you consider yourself as a STAR?

No, I have not become a star yet… I do not feel like that currently. I have miles to go.

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What do you have to say about TV and films?

I find both TV and films are strong mediums. A good film will be etched in the minds of people. A film has its own spectacular journey and television has a quick response. I am doing this show because of the way I perform live on stage and get a quick response

Will you be juggling Punjabi and Hindi films?

I will definitely do one Punjabi film every year but Hindi movies I will disclose later on. In March, my Punjabi movie based on World War I is releasing. I am  planning to release it in Mumbai also with subtitles. It was my dream to do a film about Sikh soldiers who went to England during the war. Not much has been done on them in cinema. When I go to England, I meet several people who tell me stories of their bravery. Being a turbanator, a Sardar, I felt I should do this film — if I don’t do it, who will? I have  been wanting to work on it since the last four-five years and it finally happened last yea

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How do you look at your journey in Bollywood so far?

I am  very happy that I have got  enough in the last two years. I am  saying that because I do not  know many people in Bollywood, yet I get offers. I have not  put in much effort to get work here. I got offers, some of which I took up, some that I turned down. Even Udta Punjab just came my way. In contrast, I have had to work really hard for Punjabi films, bahut mehnat ki hai sab haasil karnke liye.

What about your career in singing?

I started my career with singing and that is  something I will always follow. In fact, I will release my album next month.