The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is reassuring the public that there is adequate stock of Insulins available at the Fiji Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Services and distributions continue as scheduled to all the health facilities around the country.

The Ministry confirms that health facilities have stocks of Insulins on their shelves and the Fiji Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Services are validating the supplies with health facilities to ensure stocks are readily available to the patients.

There are 3 types of Insulin approved through Fiji Essential Medicine List. These are Mixtard, Isophane & Soluble; however, Insulin Mixtard is used predominantly for Type 1 Diabetics or Insulin Dependent Diabetes. For Type 2 Diabetics, Insulin Mixtard is prescribed for those patients whose sugar levels are not controlled through oral medications.

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Insulin Mixtard contains both fast-acting (soluble) and long-acting (isophane) insulin and is more convenient for patients and provides better control for sugar level.

There was a period whereby stocks of Insulin Mixtard became limited late last year, through a demand supply issues experienced from wholesalers & manufacturers in the pharmaceutical markets. As such, the Health Ministry opted to the alternatives by switching patients to the other 2 available Insulins, Isophane & Soluble, whilst, reserving the Insulin Mixtard for elderly and pediatric cases or upon the Medical Officers discretion.

Patients can visit their nearest health facilities to access supplies or seek advice from Medical Officers In-charges.