A dental team from the Health Ministry successfully completed a tour of the Lomaiviti group as children from 21 primary schools received enhanced dental services and were made dentally fit (MDF).

To be Made Dentally Fit [MDF] means that all caries or cavities are eradicated through Dental Treatment which includes permanent fillings and extractions on the entire patient or child’s teeth.

The Acting Divisional Dental Officer Eastern Dr Jone Turagaluvu highlighted that the team’s general objective was to uplift the standard of Oral Health Status of Schools to wellness standards.

“The objectives for the Dental Team was for them to firstly achieve their Departmental goal for 70% of 11 year olds to be Made Dentally Fit [MDF] and then the MCH 3 goal for the combined objective with other cadres to decrease the number of Students with Dental Caries in Primary Schools”, Dr Turagaluvu said.

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At the completion of the Tour, the Team successfully achieved the following results:

1. 93% of 11 year olds were Made Dentally Fit [MDF].
2. 100% of the 11 year olds from 21 out of the 24 Primary Schools were Made Dentally Fit [MDF].
3. 85% of all Primary School Students were Made Dentally Fit [MDF].
4. 100% of students needing treatment were Made Dentally Fit [MDF] in 5 Primary Schools, 90 – 100% of students needing treatment were Made Dentally Fit [MDF] in 7 Primary Schools and 80 – 100% of students needing treatment were Made Dentally Fit [MDF] in 18 Primary Schools.


Leader of the Dental Team Dental Therapist in charge at Levuka Hospital Ms Maria Ting acknowledged the support of Head of Wellness and senior health staff for their timely support in the successful completion of the medical tour.

“My sincere appreciation goes to the Head of Wellness Dr Isimeli Tukana for his vision for a new matrix uniting all Medical Cadres in Public Health to work together in the Maternal Child Health Category 3 which is for Primary school students, the Divisional Medical Officers Eastern and Central and SDMO Lomaiviti for their advice and support in the provision of funds, transport and the release of Dental staff and also our Logistics Officer at FPBS, Mrs Nanise Cagilevu for the timely provision of consumables for the Tour”, Ms Ting said.

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The Ministry of Health and Medical services would like to thank the other Medical Cadres and colleagues from other Ministries and Departments for their support and understanding of the Ministry’s work that enabled it to achieve this milestone.