By Kabir M Ali

Salman Khan, BMC Chief Ajoy Mehta, Rahul Kanal’s “I love Mumbai” foundation Shekhar Tolani of “Sahib Reality” & “Sach Ishan” joins hands to make Mumbai open defecation free.

You make Mumbai beautiful only when you take concrete steps to toward that. It seems so with the BMC’s open defecation- free campaign making the vital differences. As a part of said campaign, actor Salman Khan & BMC Chief Ajoy Mehta, powered by Rahul Kanal’s “I love Mumbai” foundation, Shekhar Tolani of “Sahib Reality” & “Sach Ishan” handed over the “Public Utility Toilets” at Madras Pada, Aarey Milk Colony to the residents of Madaraspada villagers to combat its open defecation problems.