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Daisy Shah tops the ScoreTrends India as the most popular actress in Newsprint surpasses Jacqueline !

Daisy Shah has shocked all by hitting the bull’s-eye, this Race 3 actress has topped the ScoreTrends India chart by becoming India’s most popular actress to be mentioned and published in Newsprint.

Daisy has also done phenomenally well on the ‘Leaderboard’ of ScoreTrends by reaching top 5 on the charts ( check graphics).

Daisy’s popularity post Race 3 has amplified especially with the most talked about dialogue of the film ” My business is my business” which got popular then any Salman Khan’s dialogues in the film .

Daisy tops the Score Trends Newsprint chart with 71 points while Jacqueline is on the second position with 57 points followed by Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor Khan & Neha Dhupia on third fourth and fifth rank.

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“Daisy’s report card shows her rise on media mentions in Newspapers across the country . Even her social handles have showed a drastic growth” Ashwini Kaul co founder of US based tech Score Trends India.

The LeaderBoard chart also shows Daisy’s immense growth from 16 Rank in May 31 to rank 05 in the month of June 31.

The statistics for these rankings are supplied by Score Trends, a US-based media-tech startup. “We collect data from over 600 news sources across 14 languages in India to analyse the media. This is done from Thursday to Thursday,” concludes Ashwani Kaul, co-founder of Score Trends.