Cryptocurrency in Bahrain

MONEY TRADE COIN, the new age cryptocurrency, announced its partnership with the Royals of Bahrain to being Cyrptocurrency Trading and Wallet Services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Money Trade Coin’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Amit Lakhanpal gave an elaborate description of the underlying Blockchain technology of Money Trade Coin as well as the KYC and AML Guidelines being followed by Money Trade Coin OÜ.

The event held on October 18 at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was witnessed by H.E. Shaikh Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al Khalifa – Founder, Executive Chairman, Professor and Strategic Leadership of University College of Bahrain; President of also a member of the Royal Family of Bahrain, Salma Al Kitbi, UAE Businesswoman and now Associated with Royal Family of Bahrain along with 20 other Industry Leaders.

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Mr. Lakhanpal, the propagator of the “Cryptocurrency correct knowledge” also shared the launch of a full-fledged product array: Cryptocurrency Exchange, E-Academy and E-Portal. The trading platform will offer the possibility to inter exchange the different cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Moreno, and shall be trading other listed coins soon.