Country Of Blind

One of its kind Ind0-Hollywood films is being directed by the Indian international filmmaker, Rahat Kazmi, who earned fame worldwide by launching his upcoming film Lihaaf’ in Cannes 2018 in collaboration with Cory Tucek of Turn Key Films (USA).

The film stars lead pair television actress Hina Khan and actor-director Shoib Nikash Shah along with Airlift and Filmistaan fame Inaamul Haq as the main antagonist and Tere bin laden fame Pradhuman Singh in an important role. Jhansi Ki Rani fame Indian Television actress Anushka Sen is in one of the lead characters. Singapore based actor-producer Namita Lal, who won the best actress award at the Indian film festival of Boston last week, plays a very strong woman in the film along with a British-Indian actor Jitendra Rai who plays an important role. Zahid qureshi and Rahat Himself are in guest appearances.

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Let’s call it International Indo-Hollywood film which would re-create history and who knows, as Slumdog Millionaire did. Bollywood will open its doors for an international audience before hitting Indian theatres as the film shall be theatrically released in America first.

Based on a book by H.G.Wells, the film is named Country of Blind! The filmmaker has definitely taken inspiration from the book but lets me add, many unique elements have been added to take the audience back to that era.

As goes the name, it is about a country of people who are blind but better than normal people, so be ready to come across unique costumes, which would surprise you, even more, to realize they are hand-made and that too, by a bunch of young aspiring fashion designers.

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Not only this, since the film is releasing in the United States, the director is shooting the film in both the languages, taking Hindi and English shots side by side, instead of dubbing. You will find ancient Hindi and English words which will give music to ears and with that, you would magically travel to the era in which the film has been written.

The plot is interesting with a dramatic twist. The film has a blend of comedy, action, drama, romance along with beautiful songs. It also portrays a powerful message which would leave the audience in a frenzy.

After their presence at Cannes film festival Rahat Kazmi, Hina Khan and their group achieved a big milestone by getting a Hollywood deal done during the festival. American Production and Distribution company Turn Key Films joined Rahat Kazmi Films, Tariq Khan productions and their group for feature film co-production based on father of Science fiction H.G.Wells famous story Country of Blind.

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Shot in the beautiful Himalayas, the movie would release in the USA initially and then be surfaced worldwide, including India. The film would also be screened in a number of International Film Festivals before releasing elsewhere.

The film is produced by Rahat Kazmi Films, Tariq Khan Productions, Zeba Sajid Films, Nutzaboutme Cinema (Singapore), Co-Production of Hiro’s Faar Better Films & Turn-Key Films (USA) in association with Riaan Rai Motion Pictures (UK), Assad Motion Pictures and Seven Two Creation. The film is expected to release worldwide next year.