Council has its eye on safety with installation of new CCTV cameras

City of Parramatta Council has installed 52 new security cameras along “Eat Street” in the City’s CBD as part of a program to make the streets of Parramatta even safer.

The new cameras are part of a network of 140 state-of-the-art, high-definition CCTV cameras located at various highly pedestrianised areas throughout the Parramatta CBD, including Centenary Square, Prince Alfred Square, the court precinct and along the riverfront.

“City of Parramatta Council takes great pride in looking after the safety of its residents and visitors – broadening our surveillance system is just one way we’re doing that,” City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson said.


“Having an extensive network of CCTV cameras throughout our City not only acts as a deterrent to would-be offenders but also aids police in the identification and prosecution of criminals if and when crime does occur.”

In addition to the new cameras, improved LED lighting was also installed along the “Eat Street” section of Church Street, between George Street and the Lennox Bridge, under a Federal Government Safer Streets grant. There are a further 60 solar-powered rapid deployment cameras located in hot spots around the Local Government Area to assist with crime prevention and public safety.

The cameras are continually monitored by dedicated security staff, who provide footage to local police when incidents involving criminal behaviour occur. The footage is also used to identify other safety issues such as flooding or pedestrian trips and falls.

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“We are grateful that City of Parramatta Council has been proactive with the installation of such high-end technology that will improve security for all those who live, work and play in our City,” says Schon Condon, President of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.

As part of its Smart City strategy, Council is currently trialling software that will use some cameras for anonymous pedestrian and traffic monitoring in order to understand movement within the CBD and better plan the City.