Consistent diet and routine exercise helps meet my goal of portraying Takshak: Angad Hasija

I have had to keep up with a consistent diet and exercise routine to meet my goal of playing Takshak on Sony SAB’s Dharm Yoddha Garud says Angad Hasija. Chandigarh’s Angad Hasija has also been seen in Punjabi show Tera Rang Chadeya and this is the first time he has ventured into the mythological genre.

While Angad is very particular about his fitness regimen and has been known for his fit body, he maintains that in order to keep a mythological character as authentic as possible, it comes with its own set of challenges. “While I feel that you get a good body from your kitchen, to look like a character from mythology involves other challenges too. All round the expectations are very high. The character Takshak thinks very highly of himself and is very powerful. He walks and talks in a certain way; I tried my best to imbibe that into my body language and diction. In mythological shows you must speak in pure Hindi which was a task to accomplish. We cannot improvise as we want to maintain the authenticity and realness,’’ he adds.

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This is Angad’s second project with Sony SAB. Prior to this he played a cameo in Ziddi Dil Maane Naa.

“This is the second time I will portray a negative character on screen. Takshak is again very different from your regular villains. I am hoping I am able to impress the audiences with my portrayal,’’ he adds.