Community language schools welcome 10.9 million government investment

The President of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, Albert Vella OAM, today welcomed the provision of 10.9 million dollars by the Government for language schools, as a wise investment in the State’s future.

The decision was announced by the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, at the Federation’s annual dinner on Saturday 20th May.

syd“This 10.9 million dollars will provide community language schools, which are all voluntary organisations, with the stability that allows them to concentrate their energies on the central role of bringing up thousands of our children as valuable bi-lingual citizens.

‘The Government investment acknowledges that our schools should be able to function at a thoroughly professional level”, he said.

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The Executive Officer of the Federation, Michael Christodoulou, said today: “It will also assist community language teachers to upgrade their qualifications and skills throughuniversity courses.

“NSW has the opportunity now to become world leaders in maximising the language traditions and skills of its population for both the economic and cultural benefit of all,” he said.