Community Before Self

Mohali’s Deepak Anand has been elected to the Ontario Parliament, thanks to his selfless approach towards his community members.

When Deepak Anand left the Indian shores for Canada in the year 2000, armed with a chemical engineering degree from the Panjab University, Chandigarh, he knew a lot of struggles awaited him. However, with hope in his heart and strength in his soul, he surged ahead. Eighteen years on, he has been elected to the Ontario Parliament from Mississauga; thanks to his spirit of community service and selfless attitude. He believes any representative to the Parliament should be deeply connected with his or her community, something that motivated him to run for the elections and in the end emerge a winner.

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Deepak could not have achieved all this glory without the able support of his family members. While his parents in Mohali, Sardar Lal Anand and Santosh Anand, blessed him all the time, his brother, Navneet Anand, flew down especially from Sydney, Australia, to Mississauga, to support his election campaign and motivate Deepak. By the end of it all, Navneet saw history being made as Deepak emerged victorious by a huge margin.

This is, however, the first step and Deepak is eagerly looking forward to contributing more towards the society he has been an integral part of since the past so many years.

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The future holds much promise for Deepak Anand. Godspeed!