Port Macquarie’s first tidal pool is set to become a reality with a $4.5 million commitment from the Liberal and Nationals Government.

Visiting Port Macquarie today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison pledged his Government would finish the feasibility study, finalise planning and design, and get the project done.

The Prime Minister said his Government had listened to the local community and the 18,000 people who had signed the petition to the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

“A tidal pool in Port Macquarie is one of those projects which has been talked about in the community for decades and my government and our candidate Pat Conaghan will make it a reality,” the Prime Minister said.


“We believe in Port Macquarie as one of the most popular and picturesque destinations along the Mid North Coast, and a tidal pool will make the city even more of a drawcard.”

The Nationals Candidate for Cowper Pat Conaghan said he had lobbied hard for a serious commitment to the project on behalf of the local community.

He said the tidal pool would deliver a significant economic and health boost for Port Macquarie.

“There is going to be widespread benefits throughout the Port Macquarie community as a result of this project,” Mr Conaghan said.

“Over the course of construction there is going to be an economic boost through the creation of construction jobs, and the tidal pool will help entice more visitors to the area which has significant flow-on benefits for local small businesses.

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“On a day to day level, the tidal pool will support better health outcomes by encouraging Port Macquarie residents of all ages to live a more active lifestyle.

“The people of Port Macquarie have been asking for a serious commitment to this project and only a Liberal and Nationals Government will deliver it.”

The $4.5 million commitment to the Port Macquarie Tidal Pool from the Federal Liberals and Nationals follows a $50,000 commitment from the State Liberals and Nationals which has kick-started a feasibility study to determine the key details, construction timeline and location of the project.