Chitrandga Singh as the showstopper was exactly what I had wished for

Style, Class, Finesse is what defines the budding fashion designer. In Donatella Versace’s words, “Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas”, true in every sense, this is what helps Anjali too. Ideas, Imagination and hard work to create something unique and elegant are not something that she can do without. Having started her label ‘Anjali Verma’ at the young age of 25 years, Anjali is super enthusiastic and energetic about her work and always puts her best foot forward.

Anjali work mainly involves handcrafted and semi-organic designs inspired by nature. Anjali is quite encouraged and fond of nature and her designs to resemble the natural elements. Her collection reflects the beauty of nature blended in pure form fabric and hand-drawn embroidery. Anjali is a hoarder of subtlety and one can find the same in her collection as well. She loves to select the material on her own and is very specific about the way it falls. Anjali has a varied range of collections catering to all age groups. ‘Kuwaari’ will be my next line of design for all the ladies out there no matter the age, from a girl 16 years old to the female who is fashionable at heart at any given age” said Anjali Verma. The designer is currently in the process of finishing it.

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Meanwhile with having made a strong debut at the Lakme Fashion Week 2019 and having Chitrandga Singh as her showstopper the designer has also been appointed in the jury and would also be the official designer for the upcoming hunt of Miss India Quintessential. Talking about the hunt the designer says, “This collection has a lot to offer in terms of vibrant colors and intricate designs which are made to make you feel empowered but you will have to wait to see how beautifully it transforms in design.

Anjali shares the experience of working each design and about with her collaboration with Chitrandga Singh, “Each and every design takes a good amount of time for us to make after I am done with the initial design. Every minute detail is to be followed as per instructions to see the real piece of art. The designs I showcased at LFW 2019 were called Delilah and were inspired by frost flowers formed during the freezing temperatures. The fall-winter time is one of the most beautiful times and so was the show, Chitrangda was a perfect muse and a gorgeous showstopper, she was exactly how I thought she would be, perfect combination style, class, and beauty. I think she would be every designer’s muse in their heads while they create their design.”