Laws designed to enhance child safety come into force across NSW today, with window locks now mandatory on strata buildings, Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said. “From today, strata building windows from which a child could fall two metres or more must have child-proof locks,” Mr Kean said.

Mr Kean said property owners and owners’ corporations have had plenty of time to install window locks to ensure their building complies with the law. “With more people living in apartments it is vital we have the measures in place needed to keep children safe,” Mr Kean said. Installing window safety devices is a requirement under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, and there are fines of up to $550 for non-compliance.

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Owners who obstruct an owners’ corporation can also be fined. Mr Kean said a compliance program will be run by NSW Fair Trading in coming months to ensure owners’ corporations around the state are complying with the laws.“If your building should have child safely window locks, and doesn’t, you need to get that fixed straight away,” Mr Kean said. “The last thing anyone wants to see is another tragic incident where a child is injured or killed after falling from a window. Our number one priority is keeping people safe.”