Charity Talk

Award winning Vasthu Sastra author Dr T Selva will present a charity talk on the ancient Indian science of architecture in Sydney on Sept 26th.

The expert who has written five books on the subject will provide tips on how to create a home sweet home by rearranging a property without tearing down walls and renovations.

Dr Selva is the recipient of the Vasthu King 2018 Global Award which he received from the South Kolkata Astrology & Vasthu Science Academy recently.

He will teach participants on how a house and human body energies can be combined to be in harmony for dwellers to enjoy good health, peace of mind, prosperity and happiness.

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Dr Selva said it does not matter whether an individual is renting a property or owning one because energy effects are the same in all cosmos.

“However, any imbalance in our five senses of touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight can disturb our health and well-being; the same applies if there are any defects in a property.

“When we are sick, we can visit the doctor and recover with the given medication. But any defects in the house – if not rectified – will continue to distort energy flow and cause distress to the occupants,” he said.

The talk from 7pm-9pm will be held at Canada Bay Club, 4 William St, Five Dock, Sydney. Admission is by contribution of $10 to a charity. To register for the talk text or call Devi at 0412623017.

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Note: Dr T Selva is also available for an interview during his visit in Sydney. Email