Change the Rules

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and Unions NSW, launched their ‘Change the Rules’ Campaign to fight for the people to restore fairness in the country for Banks and Reid. ACTU Secretary Sally McManus and Thomas Costa, Assistant Secretary of Unions NSW presided the Launch.

It was an honor for the Subcontinent communities of NSW to have Sukruti Narayanan as the anchor for the Launch. It was a great recognition for the Subcontinent Community. It was a powerful evening to hear from the union leaders, Sally McManus and Thomas Costa speak for the people!

The “Change the Rules” Campaign is an initiative to Fight for the people to restore fairness in our Country. This campaign is aimed at achieving Equal Pay for the People, end wage theft, to restore penalty rates, to have secure jobs and to make the big businesses and Corporations to pay their fair share of tax. We need to stop the exploitation of vulnerable casuals workers who come here this for a better life. These workers are being exploited and paying as little as 5 to 7 dollars per hour.


We are asking everyone to get involved because we need to change the direction this country is heading. We want to restore the balance and fairness in our society to make our communities thrive with good opportunities for decent jobs and great services in health and education. We are the biggest social justice network in the country and we are asking people to join us and our campaign.

The Subcontinent Friends of Labor (SCFOL) team presided by Mr Mr.Hassan Kureshi-President of SCFOL, Mr.Ejaz Khan- Vice-President of SCFOL,  Mr. Amarinder Bajwa- Secretary of SCFOL felt utmost pride in seeing their executive member, Sukruti Narayanan, anchor the evening. The SCFOL Leaders agreed to render their full support to restore fairness in our society.