On Harmony Day today, we celebrate Australian multiculturalism. Australia is the most successful multicultural country on earth. We have welcomed people from around the world to help build our nation, and in the process, we have all been enriched.

Australians get to share the diversity of cultures from around the world, while maintaining our commitment to Australian values as the glue which binds us together. Australia’s success as a multicultural nation is due to our unique model which is one of integration; not assimilation and not separatism.

We need to work at preserving this successful model, and I hope that Harmony Day is also a day where we recommit to it.Many thousands of Australians will take part in almost 3,500 events around the nation in recognition of Harmony Day – in schools, in workplaces and public venues.

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I will be attending the NRL’s Harmony Day Festival in Western Sydney. Sport plays a significant role in welcoming and integrating people from different backgrounds. Australia would be poorer without our multicultural diversity. On Harmony Day, we rightly celebrate our multicultural achievements.