Cargo director Arati Kadav reunites for another sci-fi outing with Shweta Tripathi

After delivering a crackling film together in Cargo, word on the street is that Arati Kadav will join hands with the film’s leading lady Shweta Tripathi for yet another sci-fi outing. Known amongst the handful of deft filmmakers who can dabble in the genre, Kadav is already in the process of writing her next. It’s being said that she has already reached out to Shweta to play an integral part in the film. So far, it’s at an initial level but Shweta has reciprocated interest in the project.

Much like her last few films, Kadav in the garb of sci-fi will be exploring human emotions. The film will be set in a whimsical world much like Cargo but delves into a unique facet of human personality.

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When asked Arati confirms, “We are discussing a few things and amongst them, there’s an idea that we are excited about. I am developing ideas currently and because it was such a joy working with Shweta, I am looking for another opportunity in the near future. She is a mighty talented actress and the set was an absolute joy ride. Cargo was amongst my most enjoyable work experiences ever. She is one of the few actors who understand science fiction and is never afraid to try out new ideas. This story, too, is simple, and everybody will be able to resonate with it regardless of the genre. Reuniting with her will be symbiotically self-exploratory for both of us.”