Los Angeles County Museum of Art in California is showing a piece of Fiji through exhibitions in the United States. The theme for the exhibit is “Fiji, Life and Art in the Pacific”.

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama visited the exhibition and had the first hand opportunity to see how the museum is doing more than just preserving the Fijian indigenous history.

“So much of the history showcased in this exhibition speaks to the ancient and enduring connection that Fijians hold to the sea and the natural world. That connection quite literally forms a part of who we are. But sadly, the reefs we fish, the land we farm and the plant and animal life that sustains us are all at-risk by a threat of escalating proportion: Climate change,”PM said.

While speaking at the exhibition, Prime Minister has also urged every individual to do their share of work to fight the impacts of climate change, and more importantly against the industrialized nations who are largely responsible for the changing climatic conditions.