Cafe Coffee Day owner VG Siddhartha dead

Cafe Coffee Day owner VG Siddhartha is dead. A day after he went missing under suspicious circumstances, VG Siddhartha, the owner and founder of the largest coffee chain in India, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), has been found dead. His body was recovered around 6:50 am on Wednesday morning. He was missing from the Netravati dam site in Karnataka since Monday evening. As per his driver, he got off from his car near a bridge in Kotekar on the Netravati River near Mangalore around 6.30 pm on Monday and did not come back.

As Siddhartha did not return even after an hour, his driver tried to look for him but to no avail.

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“We found the body early morning today. It needs to be identified, we have already informed the family members. We are shifting the body to Wenlock Hospital. We will continue further investigation,” said Mangaluru Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil. Siddhartha, who is also the Chairman and Managing director of the Coffee Day Enterprise Limited (CDEL) – the holding company of all his companies- is the son-in-law of former Union Minister of Foreign Affairs and now BJP leader SM Krishna.

Karnataka Congress called the death of VG Siddartha a very tragic incident. The party wrote, “Result of harassment by IT officials & decline of India’s entrepreneurial position turning virulent by the day, with Tax Terror & collapse of economy.”

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Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa also expressed his grief over his death. Yeddyurappa tweeted in Kannada language, “The death of former chief minister Shri SM Krishna’s son-in-law Cafe Coffee Day founder and businessman Siddharth has been a traumatic event. May the Lord have mercy on his family. May their soul find peace.“