Buyer’s Agent: Krishan is on your side

By Indranil Halder

Australian property market & Buyer’s Agent :

Australia is one of the world’s most expensive property markets and according to 2022 Bloomberg news, “ Australia’s A$10 trillion ($7 trillion) residential real estate sector will this year have to absorb the sharpest interest-rate increases since 1989, if bond markets are right.”

There are several factors influencing growth of the Australian property market and they are : Imbalanced supply and demand, Australian migration policy( with good governance, political stable and small population) and strong economy.

Australian property market needs the best real estate professionals to help clients with buying, investing and selling properties. After all every property related activities are critical, emotionally challenging and time consuming. According to my opinion, knowledge and work experience with Crown Group Holdings, buyers’ agent are the best for property purchase. Krishan is one such buyer’s agent with sound investment knowledge, finance background and experienced in Australian property market.

Who is Krishan Asre ?

Born in Fiji of Indian heritage. Arrived in Australia at the age of 5. At an early age was introduced to the world of property investing by parents. He used to meet with real estate agents, mortgage brokers and developers. Earned his first pocket money helping dad with his property maintenance works such as landscaping.

For many decades, he has been involved with various investments. By the age of 18, opened his first Commsec account to invest in BHP and MQG blue chip shares with a goal to save a deposit for a house.

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In 2008, he finished his accounting degree. The impacts of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in job market, saw him finish another degree with a major in Economics and Finance. In 2009, got his first real permanent full time job. In 2010, secured his first property (Land only) in Gregory Hills, New South Wales. In 2011, landed a job with a top international investment fund management company in Equities trading desk and portfolio management.

When he realised Australian families need help with investments, he graduated in fast paced Financial Planning program and became a financial advisor in 2017. In 2018, similarly when he understood his limitations to helping clients with property investment strategies (as part of Financial Planning advise) and his only option was to refer his clients to their local real estate agents for advise, he found a bottleneck. Quickly realise, the significant challenge of any real estate agents’ duty of care. Their duty of car is only towards the vendor and not the buyer! As a result, Krishan noticed that real estate agents were selling whatever stocks they have to sell.

He did set a goal to pursue his career as a ‘Buyers Agent’. He found his passion.

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In 2019, launched his own Buyers Agency firm Braye Property. By 2020, his firm had grown to an extent for him to work full time for his own company. In 2021, his team expanded with an additional of 3 staff members. Today, Krishan with his Fijian Australian Indian heritage, knowledge of finance and investments and with $6.6 million dollars personal property investments, is happy to represent himself as property buyer’s agent in Australia.

Krishan as Property Buyer’s Agent is on Your Side!

Krishan with his experiences and staffs provides accurate appraisals, secure ideal property at the lowest price and negotiate on buyer’s behalf (based on brief from clients). He helps investor clients with location analysis based on their budgets and use of relevant data that provides an in-depth information on transactions. He has such data and price details of properties for over 10,000 Australian suburbs that can help identifying hotspots and suburbs suitable for investors. His access to Off Market and Pre Market properties (before it becomes available to the general public) allow his clients, the first choice in securing their properties without any hassle.

His due diligence on locations overlays such as flood, bushfire, easements, heritage and electricity ensures that buyers have access to quality properties. Organising depreciation reports, is part of his process. He conduct a 3 months after settlement meeting to ensure the property is performing as expected and then conduct a yearly review of the portfolio from this date for no extra cost. Also helps (in finding)with maintenance. Such as request for any builders, if renovation or knock down rebuild is required.


Krishan is not only helping clients in the state of New South Wales but also in Queensland, South Australia & Victoria. He assists home buyers in the luxury market too. Krishna says, “In new estates we also use luxury custom builders to help with design and construction of new built homes.” Clients from Australia commercial property market and medical property are also requesting his assistance. He uncover the latest listings, access off-market properties and provides local market insights.

His extensive search for properties for his clients helps him to create a clear strategy and realistic “Buyers Brief.” One of many satisfied client William Liu said, “Krishan Asre is an excellent buyer’s agent. As first home buyer, I couldn’t have asked for more of Krish. He will walk you through the process and take care of you from the beginning to the end of the buying process.” Krishan and his team is here to help you achieve financial security and bring affluence to your future generations.

Krishan is definitely on the buyers side! and you can contact him on 0415645477.